Rabat – In the working-class district of Yacoub El Mansour in the Moroccan capital Rabat, women from Iraq, Morocco and the Democratic Republic of Congo gathered around sewing machines inside the offices of Migrants du Monde, stitching traditional designs.”Otherwise, I would just sit at home and start thinking about awful things. More than the money, this makes me feel useful,” said Iraqi refugee Khadija Hussein Salih, displaying her latest creation, an elegant navy caftan with delicate cream embroidery.

Salih, whose children died in a school bombing, fled with her husband to Morocco many years ago, possessing only the clothes on their backs. The sewing workshop has helped her to earn a bit of money, but has also saved her from depression, Salih told Al Jazeera.

Migrants du Monde operates workshops in the Moroccan capital Rabat [Nahrain Al-Mousawi/Al Jazeera]