Nahrain Al-Mousawi


10/17, Narratives of Undocumented Migration across the Mediterranean, Presenter, Lecture Series, University of Balamand, Lebanon

6/16, Utopia Undone: Mediterranean Faultlines & the Work of Counter-Nostalgia, Presenter, EUME Seminar, Forum Transregionale Studien, Berlin

12/10, Beyond Binaries, Panel Organizer, Spaces & Flows Conference, UCLA

12/10, Fantasizing the Mediterranean, Presenter, Spaces & Flows Conference, UCLA

11/10, Re-Fantasizing the Mediterranean: Place-Narrative, Traveling Adventure, & Gender Performance, Panel Organizer, Middle East Studies Association Annual Conference, San Diego

11/10, Mediterranean Fantasy, Material Desire, & Lived Space, Presenter, Middle East Studies Association Annual Conference, San Diego

5/08, “Why Didn’t You Knock?”: Securing the Self from Security, Presenter, International Conference on Narrative, Austin

4/07, Covering Lebanon: Representations of the 2006 War, Conference Co-Organizer, UCLA

4/07, Beyond “Lineage” & Transnational Alliances in the Diamond Pipeline, Presenter, Popular Cultures in Africa, UT Austin

4/06, Translating Sub-, Counter-, & Microcultures: Fadwa Tuqan, Presenter, Iowa Translation Colloquium, University of Iowa

4/05, Diamond Pipeline: The Emergence of West Africa in the Consciousness of Lebanese Novelists, Presenter, Middle Eastern Studies Graduate Symposium, UT Austin