Nahrain Al-Mousawi

Features, Opinions, & Analysis

(12/15) Disenchantment and a Hint of Nostalgia: Moroccan Writer Abdellah Taia, Qantara

(9/15) Bouchra Ouizguen: The Subversive Feminine, Ibraaz

(8/15) A Crisis of Authority: Monther Jawabreh and Palestine Art, Middle East Monitor

(8/15) The Rise of the Comic Book in the Middle East, Al Jazeera

(7/15) Q&A: Tackling Taboos in Morocco’s Art Scene, Al Jazeera

(6/15) Calais: Art of the Transit Zone, Middle East Monitor

(5/15) Street Art in the Heart of Morocco, Al Jazeera

(5/15) Yemen through Its Literature: A Nation Besieged, Middle East Monitor

(4/15) Graphic Novels about Palestine Reveal the Exceptional Everyday Demands of Exile, Middle East Monitor

(3/15) The Art of Drone War: Drone Art and Lit from the Middle East, Middle East Monitor

(3/15) Arab Sci-Fi: The Future Is Here, Middle East Monitor

(2/15) ISIS Present Hip Hop Past: Rappers Turned Jihadists (translated to Arabic), Raseef22

(2/15) Toppled Tyrants: Fallen Statues in the Arab World (translated to Arabic), Raseef22

(1/15) Aesthetics of Migration: Street Art in the Mediterranean Border Zones, Ibraaz

(1/15) In the Mideast, As in France, Satire Is a Weapon against Extremists, Globe & Mail

(11/14) The Art of Tyranny, Raseef22

(11/14) Prison Sentences & Culture Wars, Raseef22

(2/14) Beirut, War, Godless Muslims, & Staying Confused: A Conversation with Rabih Alameddine, Raseef22

(2/14) Why Arab Refugees Are Left Begging on the Other Side of the Arab World, Globe & Mail

(2/14) Sub-Saharan African Migrants Invisible in Morocco, Al Monitor

(2/14) From Syria to Morocco: A Refugee Network Fills in for Aid, Raseef22

(2/14) Ways of Un-Seeing, Ibraaz

(2/14) “Black Locusts” & Morocco’s Security Fence: Displacing the Displaced in the African-European Borderlands, WTD Magazine

(12/13) “This Is Not a Protest”: Ironic Dissent in Post-Coup Egypt, The State

(11/13) Khouribga, Morocco: Urban Limbo of European Dreams, Al-Akhbar

(11/13) Clandestino Rap: The Voice of Permanent Limbo, The State

(8/12) A Conversation with Palestinian-American Actress Jennifer Jajeh, Aslan Media

(5/12) The Barbarian Has to Keep It Real: Interview with Sinan Antoon, Al-Akhbar

(2/12) Punk Devotion: A Conversation with al-Thawra’s Marwan Kamal, Aslan Media

(1/12) Jailed Moroccan Rapper Released: A Case of “Long Live the Makhzen!”? Aslan Media

(1/12) Performing Protest Under Occupation: Iraq’s Tahrir Square, Al-Akhbar, Muftah, & 3quarksdaily

(2011) L’Ecriture Sans Calmants & the Modern Body: Without Sedatives, Without Boundaries, Without Exception, preface to Pascal Uccelli’s L’Ecriture sans Calmants: Poésie Body Bags

(6/11) A Totalizing Mythos, A Poetry of Resistance: The Disappearance of Ayat Qurmuzi in Bahrain’s Hidden History, Jadaliyya & Levantine Review

(4/11) Syria’s “Statement No. 1”: Arab Rap, a Networked Protest, MidEast Tunes

(1/11) Faster Than the Speed of Myth: Tunisia’s Uprising & the Arab World, TalkMorocco

(12/10) US Panorama: WikiLeaking Counterterrorism from Morocco to the EU, TalkMorocco

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